Applying for a Grant


General Information

The Cybec Foundation’s key funding areas are education, social welfare, the performing arts, health and science.

Preference is given to assisting people who are experiencing some form disadvantage, so they can advance their education, up-and-coming researchers and the smaller performing arts groups.

The Cybec Foundation places importance on the establishment of trusted relationships with our recipients. This helps to maximise the benefit of the grant, and the chance of a successful outcome.

Acquittal reports are an essential component of recurrent funding.


  1. Send an Expression of Interest to Cybec Foundation.
  1. A representative from the Cybec Foundation will contact you to learn more about your request for funding and what you hope to achieve.
  1. Depending on the availability of funding and the extent to which your request meets the Cybec Foundation’s criteria you may be invited to make a ‘Formal Application’ for funding.

Note: Submitting an ‘Expression of Interest’ and / or a ‘Formal Application’ for funding does not imply, or guarantee, that your application will be funded.